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10 Page-Turning New Mystery and Thriller Books Out In November 2023

Steal some time for yourself as the holiday season begins.

new mystery & thriller books in november 2023

Welcome to November.

Fall is officially in full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere. “Spooky month” has come to a close and many of us are discarding our sad, sagging pumpkins (hopefully someplace where they can compost in peace!) The trees have lost most of their colorful leaves, the plants glitter with frost each morning, and 2023’s holiday season is ramping up. Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be upon us, our Christmas trees and Menorahs will be going up, our holiday gift shopping will commence, and we’ll be spending a lot more time with extended family and friends.

So whether you relish the holiday bustle or dread it (maybe a mixture of both, like me?) there is just nothing like a good book to read in small moments of downtime to help you rejuvenate after a night of socializing or a long day of holiday shopping, baking, and decorating. 

And November's forthcoming new releases do not disappoint. There are so many good mystery and thriller books coming out this month, it was hard to narrow down our list!

So here is a snapshot of the fantastic array of mystery and thriller books coming out this November. Save this list for when you need a riveting new book to curl up with—and a moment to breathe.

past lying by val mcdermid

Past Lying

By Val McDermid

Val McDermid’s latest crime thriller features DCI Karen Pirie delving into deceit and vengeance amidst a global pandemic. In this highly anticipated addition to the acclaimed Karen Pirie series, this modern "Queen of Crime" presents a gripping tale of ego, retribution, and the extremes a person will risk to settle a score.

Set in April 2020 during Edinburgh's Covid-19 lockdown, a cold case heats up when documents from a deceased crime novelist’s archive unravel a twisted competition between writers, blurring lines between fiction and reality, revealing a game of betrayal and revenge that complicates DCI Pirie's investigation.

The Mystery Guest by Nita Prose

The Mystery Guest

By Nita Prose

Molly Gray, the distinguished Head Maid at the prestigious Regency Grand Hotel, faces upheaval when renowned author J. D. Grimthorpe drops dead in the tearoom. As Detective Stark probes the murder, suspects emerge, casting doubt on everyone—including Molly.

Tasked with preserving the hotel's reputation, Molly must confront her past connections with Grimthorpe, digging into memories tied to her childhood and a mysterious mansion. With the pressure of the investigation looming over the entire hotel, Molly races to solve the murder, knowing that buried secrets always resurface.

No One Left But You by Tash McAdam

No One Left But You

By Tash McAdam

In this gripping YA thriller reminiscent of Sadie and Euphoria, a newly out trans teen, Max, finds himself entangled in a dangerous friendship with devastating consequences. When glamorous new arrival Gloss takes an unexpected interest in him, Max becomes enamored, but the whirlwind of their relationship leads to a fatal incident at a party.

As Max grapples with blurry memories and the search for the truth, he's caught between defending Gloss and the urgent need to uncover the real culprit. This sharply intense yet emotionally resonant novel centers on a trans character navigating romance, obsession, and a haunting tragedy.

the helsinki affair

The Helsinki Affair

By Anna Pitoniak

Amanda Cole, a brilliant CIA officer from a family of spies, seizes the ultimate opportunity to prove herself when a Russian defector warns of a looming assassination of a U.S. senator. Despite taking the threat seriously, her superiors don't act, leading to the senator's death and the start of a complex web of corporate blackmail and political manipulation by the Kremlin.

Teaming up with legendary spy Kath Frost, Amanda races across Europe to unravel the international conspiracy, but as she uncovers startling truths, she confronts the unsettling mystery of her father's involvement and his connection to the Kremlin's plot.

forgotten trail by claire kells

Forgotten Trail

By Claire Kells

ISB agent Felicity Harland investigates a murder at the newly opened Pinnacles Grand Hotel in Claire Kells's third National Park mystery installment. As Felicity arrives at the crime scene, she encounters a chilling contrast—a serene setting disrupted by a violent death, prompting her to probe beyond the surface.

Confronted with a wife's admission of wanting the victim dead, Felicity remains skeptical—particularly after learning about a missing person's search in the park. Teaming up with partner Hux, they navigate the treacherous volcanic landscape. The lodge's mystery is far from straightforward and lurking danger is closing in.

the proof of the pudding by rhys bowen

The Proof of the Pudding

By Rhys Bowen

Lady Georgiana Rannoch eagerly anticipates hosting her first house party at her estate in Eynsleigh, amid the wait for her impending baby's arrival. As the festivities begin, including introducing her to new chef, Pierre, and the return of Sir Hubert, the dinner is a triumph, with renowned Gothic author Sir Mortimer Mordred among the guests.

However, the evening takes a dark turn when guests fall ill, and one dies from apparent poisoning by berries from Sir Mortimer's famous poison garden. With everyone consuming the same meal, Georgie is left puzzled and must swiftly uncover the culprit to protect her chef, and salvage her reputation—all before her baby arrives.

blood betrayal by ausma zehenat khan

Blood Betrayal

By Ausma Zehanat Khan

In Blackwater Falls, Colorado, veteran officer Harry Cooper fatally shoots a young Black man, Duante Reed, mistaking a spray paint bottle for a gun during a vandalism pursui. Meanwhile in Denver, a drug raid gone awry leads to the death of Latino teen Mateo Ruiz. Detective Inaya Rahman recognizes the name of the officer involved in Mateo's death, Kelly Broda—son of a cop who violently attacked her in Denver.

Facing pressure with both cases straining the Denver Police force and sparking protests, Inaya, alongside her boss Lieutenant Waqas Seif, grapples with the complexity of the victims' lives and the officers' actions. As the community debates whether lethal force was warranted, Inaya confronts her own biases and those of her colleagues, driven to uncover the truth behind the tragic events in Blackwater Falls.

resurrection walk by michael connelly

Resurrection Walk

By Michael Connelly

Defense attorney Mickey Haller returns to take on challenging, one-in-a-million cases after successfully freeing a wrongfully convicted man. Swamped with pleas of innocence from prisoners, he enlists the help of his half-brother, retired LAPD Detective Harry Bosch, to sort through the requests. Bosch discovers a potential breakthrough: a woman imprisoned for killing her sheriff's deputy husband yet adamant about her innocence. Uncovering discrepancies in the case, Bosch faces a sheriff’s department eager for swift justice.

As Haller navigates a challenging court battle, both face peril while seeking truth, battling opposition keen on keeping their investigation closed. Resurrection Walk by Michael Connelly is a thrilling blend of courtroom drama and intrigue, showcasing the duo’s perilous quest for justice in the face of formidable adversaries.

There Should Have Been Eight by Nalini Singh

There Should Have Been Eight

By Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh's chilling thriller unfolds at a remote estate nestled in New Zealand's Southern Alps, where seven friends reunite for a haunting weekend. Memories, buried secrets, and unspoken truths resurface among these adults who, years ago, lost their friend Bea under mysterious circumstances. Snowed in at a mansion steeped in Gothic atmosphere, tensions rise, unraveling long-concealed resentments, and hidden emotions.

As the group confronts their shared past, the veil over Bea's supposed death starts to lift, promising an imminent and costly unveiling of the truth.

the professor by lauren nossett

The Professor

By Lauren Nossett

The Professor delves into the murky depths of academic life, exploring ambition, deception, and fixation akin to Tana French's style. When student Ethan Haddock is found dead in Athens, Georgia, suspicion surrounds his professor, Dr. Verena Sobek. As Title IX investigations and social media frenzy ensue, former detective turned research assistant Marlitt Kaplan is drawn into the investigation at the request of her mother, a colleague of the accused.

Lacking the authority to conduct official inquiries, Marlitt immerses herself in Ethan's life, discovering unsettling truths and navigating the power structures within academia, exposing the failures that lurk in the university's system.