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These New Mystery and Thriller Shows & Movies Are A Killer Way to Say Goodbye to Winter

April killers bring May thrillers.

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  • Photo Credit: Matt Benson / Unsplash

Even though the days are soon to get longer, the warm days of spring aren’t quite here yet. Lucky for you, 2024 has been filled with delicious intrigue and heart-pounding thrills—of the fictional variety, of course.

If you’re looking for a killer time while you kill some time, we have the perfect solution for you. Here are eleven shows and movies guaranteed to delight any mystery and thriller fan.  

New Mystery and Thriller TV Shows Spring 2024

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 

mr. and mrs. smith doing research in a library
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  • Photo Credit: Amazon MGM Studios / New Regency

If you think this is just a knock-off of the movie, think again. In this version, Mr. & Mrs. Smith know they’re spies and have agreed to go undercover as a married couple.

While they work through various missions, the espionage is grounded in a deeply satisfying character drama that makes the show addictive to watch.  

Miss Scarlet & The Duke 

miss scarlet and a man pointing guns at each other
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  • Photo Credit: Element 8 Entertainment

After Eliza Scarlet’s father dies, she’s left penniless. All she has left is his detective agency. Resolved to make the agency work, she knows she needs a detective named Duke as a partner to make it in a male-dominated world. This incredibly popular show is in its fourth season this spring. 

The Tourist

bird's eye view of sweating, bleeding, sickly man in hospital gown and headphones laying down
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  • Photo Credit: Two Brothers Pictures

A man in the Australian outback wakes up in the hospital in the Australian outback after a car accident with no memory. He follows the few clues to figure out who he is, only to discover that his past is darker than he imagined. And it’s coming after him.

After changing networks, the second season was finally released at the end of February. 

A Killer Paradox

two men standing over chalk outline of a body on a city street
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  • Photo Credit: Showbox / Let's Film

One accidental killing turns into more entwining an ordinary man with a shrewd detective in a cat-and-mouse game that never ends. This new show is an interesting exploration into the mind of a killer juxtaposed against the backdrop of justice.

It’s compelling, fascinating, and completely binge-worthy. 


concerned-looking woman in a space suit
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  • Photo Credit: Turbine Studios

An astronaut comes back to Earth after a disaster occurs in space only to realize that pieces of her life appear to be missing. Her desire to get those pieces back sets her on a path to expose the hidden truth about space travel—no matter what. 

New Mystery and Thriller Movies Spring 2024


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  • Photo Credit: Voltage Pictures

When an extremist military group threatens a young couple, they’re forced to flee their Christian missionary post in the Kalahari Desert. They find passage with a corrupt smuggler only for the plane to crash in the middle of a predator-laden land.  

Red Right Hand

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  • Photo Credit: Traction Asbury Park Pictures

All Cash wants is to live an honest life. But when a woman named Big Cat forces him back into her services, he has no choice but to prove he’s capable of terrible things in order to protect the only family he has left. 

Murder & Cocktails

woman listening to a man speak as if catching him in a lie
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  • Photo Credit: 905 Productions

After someone on the floor of their apartment building is murdered, married couple Nick and Lana do the only reasonable thing they can think of: they host a series of cocktail parties. Everyone is invited. Everyone is a suspect.

But when another dead body shows up, things get even more complicated because no one can be trusted. 


woman and two children dirty and cowering in fear
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  • Photo Credit: Grindstone Entertainment Group 23ten

Years ago, a horrific crime was committed, destroying one life and forever altering another. Now, a man named Fallon appears at the scene, and the town soon realizes he may not be all that he appears.

But when he befriends a kind immigrant family, Fallon faces the ultimate choice: revenge or redemption. 


b&w photo of dapper yet sinister looking man in a car
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

For Tom Ripley, being hired to bring the wayward son back to New York should be an easy gig. But Dickie Greenleaf lives a life Tom wants. A life he’d lie, steal, and kill for.

A stunning new take on the on the 1955 Patricia Highsmith novel, Ripley is an intense psychological thriller that promises to be your next obsession. 

No Way Up

group of people trapped on a sinking plane in middle of ocean
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  • Photo Credit: DNEG Virtual Production

A plane crash is everyone’s worst nightmare. But crashing into the ocean and getting trapped underwater is a nightmare of epic proportions. As oxygen runs out inside the plan, sharks circle the waters surrounding them, leading to a terrifying fight for survival as time runs out. 

Featured image: Matt Benson / Unsplash