These Mystery Books Are Truly The Oddest You'll Ever Read

You’re in for a wild ride.

Man in the Empty Suit
  • Photo Credit: Man in the Empty Suit
Buy Man in the Empty Suit at Amazon

Man in the Empty Suit

By Sean Ferrell

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The Plutonium Blonde

By John Zakour and Lawrence Ganem

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6 Sick Hipsters

By Rayo Casablanca

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The Last Annual Slugfest

By Susan Dunlap

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The Nervous System

By Nathan Larson

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The Boy Detective Fails

By Joe Meno

Buy The Raw Shark Texts at Amazon

The Raw Shark Texts

By Steven Hall

odd mystery books

The Night Sessions

By Ken MacLeod

odd mystery books

Zero Saints

By Gabino Iglesias

odd mystery books

Rendezvous in Black

By Cornell Woolrich