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15 Hallmark Mystery Movies for a Night of Cozy Thrills

Settle in for must-watch mysteries that are big on heart.

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Sometimes you’re in the mood for a must-watch mystery that’s big on heart—and that’s where Hallmark mystery movies come in. Produced by the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel, these made-for-TV movies are a treat for cozy mystery fans. Many are based on bestselling mystery books by beloved authors like Charlaine Harris, Kate Carlisle, and Joanne Fluke. And with Hallmark producing more mystery movies each year, the cozy thrills show no signs of stopping. 

This year promises a slate of new releases like the exciting To Catch a Spy movie starring Nathalie Kelley, Colin Donnell, and Patti Murin, as well as fresh chapters to the mystery movies viewers know and love, like the latest "Murder, She Baked" installment. But with so many cases to crack, where’s a TV sleuth to start? Thankfully, Hallmark makes a number of its mystery movies available online.

With that in mind, we rounded up a few of our favorite Hallmark mystery movies, from delicious culinary whodunits to small-town murder mysteries where everyone's a suspect.

Mystery 101: Words Can Kill

English professor Amy Winslow (Jill Wagner) is a connoisseur of crime fiction. However, when she uses that knowledge to try and solve crimes, she often clashes with Detective Travis Burke (Kristoffer Polaha). After a college book fair ends in the murder of a guest, the police haul in an unlikely suspect. Going toe to toe with Travis over the arrest, Amy fights to prove that the person behind bars is not the killer.

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Picture Perfect Mysteries: Newlywed and Dead

This movie stars real-life married couple Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, promising a heap of gripping chemistry. Allie Adams (Alexa) is a wedding photographer in a small New England town. But when the groom at one of her gigs is shot and killed during the first dance, she finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery—and in over her head. Unfortunately, as the bride's ex, it's Allie's brother Greg (Jon Cor) who is the prime suspect. In order to clear her brother's name, Allie teams up with Detective Sam Acosta (Carlos), who's new to the force.

Crossword Mysteries: Abracadaver

When a well-known magician dies in front of a live audience during a dangerous trick, is it the result of an occupational hazard, or something more nefarious? New York Sentinel crosswords editor and part-time sleuth Tess Harper (Lacey Chabert) is on the case with NYPD detective Logan O’Connor (Brennan Elliott).  A "now you see him, now you don't" trick becomes an exciting whodunnit as they solve hidden clues in this head-scratcher of a mystery.

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Ruby Herring Mysteries: Her Last Breath

Ruby Herring (Taylor Cole) is a consumer news reporter who discovers she has a talent for solving crime. As she begins a new career path of crime coverage, she teams up with Detective Jake Killian (Stephen Huszar). In Her Last Breath, Ruby and Killian solve a case centered around a suspicious and fatal car accident. But after they've already come to their conclusions, Ruby finds a piece of new evidence that makes her think twice. This film is available in a DVD collection with two other Ruby Herring movies.

The Gourmet Detective

Inspired by author Peter King’s delectable cozy mystery series of the same name, Hallmark’s The Gourmet Detective spirits viewers to San Francisco. Famed culinary consultant Henry Ross (Dylan Neal) is a star of the city’s gourmet food scene; Maggie Price (Brooke Burns) is a top-tier homicide detective. The two are like water and oil. But when crime strikes San Francisco’s culinary community, Henry and Maggie team up to crack each case—and prove a five-star sleuthing pair. Currently, there are five feature length entries in the Gourmet Detective mystery movie series. The box set below collects them all. 

A Bone to Pick: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery

Bestselling author Charlaine Harris is no stranger to seeing her literary works adapted for television. Here, the author’s Aurora Teagarden mysteries come to life in a series of charming, cozy movies starring Candace Cameron Bure, Lexa Doig, and Marilu Henner. Cameron Bure stars as Aurora Teagarden, a small-town librarian and member of the Real Murders Club, a true crime study group that discusses baffling cases. In A Bone to Pick, an elderly member of the sleuthing club passes away and bequeaths everything to Aurora. Aurora is certainly surprised by the unexpected turn of events—and shocked when she discovers a human skull in her newly inherited home. Was the recently deceased woman a one-time murderer? Or did she leave behind an unsolved mystery for Aurora to solve? 

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Garage Sale Mystery 

Based on the mystery books by author Suzi Weinert, Hallmark’s hit Garage Sale Mystery series is a gem for small-town mystery lovers. Lori Loughlin (Full House) stars as Jennifer Shannon, a mother and resell shop owner who scours neighborhood garage sales in search of second-hand treasures. She clearly has a knack for spotting hidden riches—and unraveling thrilling mysteries. When a string of robberies strikes her town, Jennifer suspects the culprits may be garage sale regulars. As Jennifer pieces together the clues, a friend dies under mysterious circumstances. Police declare the death accidental, but Jennifer knows better: something sinister is afoot, and she’s the only one who can stop it. 

Framed for Murder: Fixer Upper Mysteries  

Kate Carlisle’s New York Times-bestselling mysteries serve as the inspiration for this movie series star ring Colin Ferguson and Jewel as the skilled sleuth Shannon Hughes. In the quiet seaside town of Lighthouse Cove, no one is better at renovating old Victorian homes than Shannon Hughes. But mysteries lie within the walls of these storied structures—mysteries that only Shannon can crack. In Framed for Murder, a close friend of Shannon’s turns up dead. Together with her newest client, investigative journalist Macintyre Sullivan (Ferguson), Shannon must get to the very foundation of this suspicious death.

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Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery

Based on Dana Cameron’s cozy mystery books, this history-rich mystery movie series stars Courtney Thorne-Smith (Melrose Place) as famed archeologist Emma Fielding. In Site Unseen, Emma searches for evidence of an early coastal settlement in Maine. But her dig uncovers an unexpected artifact: a dead body. Soon, Emma finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. Can she dig herself out before she becomes the next victim? 

Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, with Love  

Prefer a forensic edge to your Hallmark mystery movies? Check out the Hailey Dean Mysteries. Based on the crime novels by Nancy Grace, the movie series follows Hailey Dean (played by Kellie Martin), a brilliant prosecutor turned therapist. In Murder, with Love, one of Dean’s female patients is caught up in a double homicide investigation. Police zero in on the young woman as their top suspect, but Hailey is convinced her patient is innocent. Now she must use her seasoned skills of deduction and connections with law enforcement to get to the truth.

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Murder, She Baked - A Chocolate Chip Mystery  

Inspired by Joanne Fluke’s beloved culinary cozies, Murder, She Baked serves up a sweet and thrilling confection. The movie series stars Alison Sweeney as Hannah Swensen, a baker turned amateur sleuth in Lake Eden, Minnesota. Swensen owns the Cookie Jar, a popular bakery where locals gather to gossip over fresh baked goods. But darkness is on the rise in this sleepy town. In A Chocolate Chip Mystery, the local milk deliveryman turns up dead in the alley behind the bakery—with Swensen’s famous cookies scattered about the body. Who would have reason to kill him? And can Swensen get to the bottom of this murder mystery? 

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Darrow & Darrow

This courtroom drama movie stars Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Wendie Malick, and Tom Cavanagh. Claire Darrow (Williams-Paisley) is a single mom and lawyer who fights for justice even when the money isn’t good. Claire’s lawyer mother, Joanna (Malick), prefers her daughter only take on cases with a handsome payout. Mother and daughter rarely see eye to eye, and when a close friend of Claire’s is accused of a jewelry store heist, Claire must find peace with her mom while also pursuing justice for her friend. Darrow & Darrow produced two more movies thus far, Darrow & Darrow: In the Key of Murder and Darrow & Darrow: Body of Evidence.

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Flower Shop Mysteries

Inspired by Kate Collins’ bestselling Flower Shop cozies, this botanical mystery series stars Brooke Shields as Abby Knight, a lawyer turned florist and owner of Bloomers Flower Shop. The peaceful town of New Chapel proves fertile ground for mysteries—and it’s up to Abby to nip each case in the bud. Also featuring Brennan Elliott and Beau Bridges, Hallmark has produced three Floral Shop Mystery movies thus far. The box set below collects all three. 

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Wedding Planner Mystery 

Based on Deborah Donnelly’s Veiled Threats, this matrimonial mystery of intrigue and romance stars Erica Durance as wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid. Kincaid is used to difficult grooms and brides in her line of work—but her latest clients may prove fatal. When kidnapping and murder strike the wedding party of a high-profile family, Kincaid soon finds herself at the top of the suspect list. Yet as the wedding planner strives to clear her name, she starts to suspect that whoever committed the crime is out to get her next. 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From the Heart

This hit franchise is big on heartwarming drama. It follows four postal sleuths who investigate the cases behind lost letters and undeliverable mail. In From the Heart, the group finds a 200-year-old Valentine that promises to rewrite history, as well as a letter that threatens to destroy a politician’s career. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, which began as a television show before inspiring a number of feature films, is light on the intrigue when compared to the other Hallmark mystery movies on this list. But viewers in search of uplifting narratives with a dash of mystery are sure to fall for the series.