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Mysteries Abroad: 5 Mexican Crime Dramas to Binge Watch Tonight

The land of telenovelas knows how to bring the drama to crime series.

mexican crime dramas
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Looking to inject something fresh into your television schedule? Everyone who loves crime dramas knows to start with British mystery shows. There are plenty of other gems from Ireland, New Zealand, Wales, Scotland, Germany, and the Nordic countries. But no country has crime dramas with more twists and turns than Mexico.

From drug cartels to not-so-innocent people framed for murder, these gripping shows will have you gasping from start to finish. Whether you like your shows dark and gritty or campy and over-stated, you'll find exactly what you're after on this list. Here are five Mexican crime dramas you can watch tonight on Netflix and HBO Max.

Queen of the South

Produced by the USA, Mexico, Spain, and Malta, this gripping five-season show follows Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga). After her boyfriend, a notable drug-runner, is murdered, Teresa flees Mexico to settle down in Dallas. Once there, she builds her own drug smuggling empire as she sets out to avenge her lover's murder.

Who Killed Sara?

Running for three seasons and 25 episodes, Who Killed Sara? became a global sensation. The story follows Álex Guzmán (Manolo Cardona) in the wake of his sister's tragic death. Framed for her murder, Álex sets out on a destructive path of revenge, hoping to reveal more than just the truth behind his sister's killer.

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Lady of Steel (Señora Acero)

Sara Aguilar Bermúdez (Blanca Soto) is an innocent woman pulled suddenly into the dangerous world of drug trafficking when her husband is murdered. Haunted by his death and his secrets, she cultivates her own place in the drug trade, turning into a force she never could have imagined. While fighting off the opposing cartel, Sara pushes forward to take care of her seriously ill son.

The Club

the club
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Feeling mounting pressure from his father, Pablo (Alejandro Speitzer) and other young, rich misfits start up their own shady MDMA business. For all that their independence is rewarding, they also run into trouble with other narcos, the law, and their own families. With one season under its belt, the show currently boasts 25 episodes.

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Sr. Ávila

sr avila
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Running for four seasons and 43 episodes, this is an International Emmy award-winning series. Roberto Ávila (Tony Dalton) is torn by his double life, spending part of his time as a family man, and the other part as a cruel criminal. Tangled up in a web of underground contract killings, Ávila soon finds himself named the head of the deadly organization.