9 Best Mystery and Thriller Books of 2018

    More chilling than a cold winter's night.  

    by Jessica Ferri

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    by Murder & Mayhem Staff

    Daughter of Time: A Mystery Lover's Guide to Josephine Tey

    The Scottish author's masterful plots left an indelible mark on the mystery genre.

    by Jessica Ferri

    America's Agatha Christie: 10 Whodunits by Mary Roberts Rinehart

    The pioneering novelist gave us murderous butlers, a new school of mystery, and an early version of Batman.

    by Olivia Mason

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    Who Is Carolyn Keene? Meet Mildred Wirt Benson, the Original Author Behind Nancy Drew

    Multiple ghostwriters penned cases about the iconic sleuth, but one author stands out from the crowd.

    by Jessica Ferri

    9 Beach Reads That'll Give You Chills on a Hot Day

    Explore the dark side while you're lying in the sun.

    by Jessica Ferri

    13 Mystery and Thriller Books That Inspired Films

    These mysteries and thrillers are sure to get your heart racing—whether they're on the page or the screen.

    by Aliza Polkes

    Fatal Remedies: 10 Essential Donna Leon Books

    Something sinister is afoot in the city of Venice...

    by Shannon Raphael

    9 Mystery Books by Lesbian and Gay Authors

    Close out Pride Month with these gripping whodunits by LGBTQ writers.

    by Shannon Raphael

    8 Pulse-Racing Mysteries by Ruth Rendell

    The three-time Edgar Award winner introduced psychological thrills to the mystery genre.

    by Orrin Grey

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