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The Best Mystery and Thriller Movies Coming to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video This April

Spring is blooming with new mysteries to investigate.

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April showers definitely bring more than just May flowers. In fact, the start of April means we get loads of new mystery and thriller movies to binge on our rainy days. Available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, these newly added films range from puzzling psychological thrillers to criminal whodunits and sci-fi mysteries. Prepare to make your rainy April days a little more exciting with these films. Take a break from your many trips to Lowe's Home Improvement and relax with a movie (or four) this weekend. 

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Irul (April 1)

This upcoming Indian Malayalam-language mystery crime thriller follows a stranded couple stuck in an empty house on a stormy night. They think they’re alone until two more people appear -- one alive and one dead.

Sky High (April 2)

A Spanish thriller in which Ángel, a car mechanic, dives into a life of pulling off heists after falling in love with Estrella. However, a persistent detective on Ángel’s tail may just be the ticket to his downfall.

Why Did You Kill Me? (April 14)

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Why Did You Kill Me is a thriller documentary coming to Netflix that follows the story of a family who uses MySpace to track down the people responsible for killing 24-year-old Crystal Theobald.

Ride or Die (April 15)

In this Japanese thriller, Rei helps the woman she has fallen in love with escape from her abusive husband. As the pair goes on the run, their feelings ignite more than they ever imagined possible. However, if the husband lives, Rei risks losing her lover forever.

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Synchronic (April 16)

In New Orleans, Steve and Dennis are lifelong best friends and paramedics. After being called to a series of strange and grim accidents, the paramedics assume it is the fault of an unknown drug found at the scenes. However, when Dennis’s daughter disappears, the truth of the drug will challenge everything they thought.

Miss Sloane (April 19)

Miss Sloane is a political thriller starring Jessica Chastain as one of DC’s most sought-after lobbyists. When asked to oppose a bill on firearm regulation, Elizabeth Sloane decides to completely defy the request and instead fights tooth and nail for the bill. However, her determination will put a bright red target on her back and threaten all that matters to her.

Stowaway (April 22)

Starring Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson, and Toni Collette, Stowaway is a sci-fi thriller following the crew of a spaceship headed to Mars. After finding an accidental stowaway, the group must figure out how to survive and avoid the grim expected fate they face.

Things Heard and Seen (April 29)

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After leaving Manhattan and choosing to move to a small town, a young artist and her husband discover their new home may harbor some sinister secrets. Starring Amanda Seyfried and James Norton, this thriller brings a whole new meaning to small-town stories.

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A Simple Plan (April 1)

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This neo-noir crime thriller is based on Scott B. Smith’s 1993 novel of the same name. Set in rural Minnesota, the film follows a pair of brothers and their friend who stumble upon a crashed plane containing $4.4 million in cash. The plan to split the money goes well until secrets, deceit, and murder change things for the worse. 

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Changing Lanes (April 1)

Starring Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson, Changing Lanes is a dramatic thriller in which a young Wall Street lawyer crashes his car into a recovering alcoholic insurance salesman. The crash then sets off a chain reaction in which two strangers become sworn enemies attempting to destroy each other’s lives.

Cohen and Tate (April 1)

When a young boy witnesses a mob hit, two Mafia hit men kidnap him to keep him quiet. However, the young boy tries to pit the two against each other in order to save himself. Already not on great terms, Cohen and Tate struggle to keep their cool and avoid enraging the mob.

The Gift (April 1)

Simon and Robyn are the perfect couple. Happily married and living an idyllic life, they run into Simon’s old acquaintance Gordo. After the encounter, a series of troubling and mysterious gifts appear and a terrifying secret is revealed. As the truth comes out, Robyn questions how well she knows her husband.

Lady in a Cage (April 1)

Lady in a Cage is a psychological thriller in which a wealthy widow, played by Olivia de Havilland, becomes trapped in an elevator during an electrical outage. While she is trapped in the elevator, her mansion is ransacked and different people come in and out, stealing from and terrorizing the woman.

The Skull (April 1)

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A professor and demonologist collector buys and obtains the stolen skull of the Marquis de Sade. However, soon after he gains possession of the skull he discovers it is also possessed by an evil spirit. The professor spins out into madness and the evil spirit wreaks havoc on his life.

The Sum of All Fears (April 1)

The Sum of All Fears is a spy thriller that tracks an evil plan to pull the United States and Russia into World War III. Tensions between the countries continue to escalate with the death of the Russian president, nuclear scientists going missing, and threats of nuclear detonation on US soil. A young CIA analyst must unravel the conspiracy before it is too late.

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Girl (April 5)

A young woman returns to her small hometown with the plan of killing her abusive father. Upon her return though, she discovers that someone else has already beat her to the job. Soon she finds herself the target of a creepy sheriff after uncovering a disturbing family legacy.

Desierto (April 10)

After their truck breaks down, a migrant named Moises attempts to lead 13 others on a trek along the US-Mexico border. Troubles turn to horror as the group find themselves on the run from a dangerous psychotic sniper and his vicious hunting dog.

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Songbird (April 16)

This sci-fi thriller based on the COVID-19 pandemic follows the story of a courier who attempts to save the woman he loves from being forced into the quarantine camps or “Q-Zones.” Once infected with the disease and sent to the camps, the individuals are either left to die or forcibly get better.

Arrival (April 28)

Amy Adams stars as linguistics professor Louise Banks who is tasked with leading an elite team of investigators around the world as 12 spaceships mysteriously touch down in different locations. On the verge of a global war, the team must learn to communicate with the aliens to unravel the mystery and save the world. 

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Amazon Prime Video

Devil in a Blue Dress (April 1)

This 1995 neo-noir mystery thriller stars Denzel Washington as an unemployed World War II veteran who gets hired to search for a missing woman. However, soon after taking the job, Eazy Rawlins finds himself mixed up in a murderous political scandal. 

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The Happening (April 1)

When a vicious apocalyptic threat to humanity suddenly arrives, it sparks a series of unexplainable gruesome deaths across the country. Science teacher Elliot Moore, along with his wife Alma and colleague Julian, try to uncover the truth behind the elusive killer. That is, until they quickly realize that no one is safe.

The Lincoln Lawyer (April 1)

Matthew McConaughey stars as defense attorney Mick Haller who has a reputation for conducting business out of his Lincoln Continental sedan. When the case of a lifetime falls into his lap, Mick is tasked with defending a Beverly Hills playboy who is accused of attempted murder. The case seems open-and-closed at first, until a sinister secret is revealed.

Shooter (April 1)

Bob Lee Swagger was a top Marine sniper. But, when a mission goes horribly wrong, Swagger leaves the military and disappears without a trace. When Swagger gets coaxed back into service to shut down a plot against the President, he soon realizes he may be the true target. Instead of going into hiding though, he will use some of the most corrupt and powerful people as his ammo. 

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Sleeping With the Enemy (April 1)

In Sleeping With the Enemy, Laura Burney fakes her own death in order to escape from her abusive husband. She flees from Cape Cod to Iowa where she attracts the attention of a college drama teacher. Trouble ensues when her husband begins to suspect Laura may still be alive out there.

Untraceable (April 1)

Special Agent Jennifer Marsh works on an elite division of the FBI that works to hunt down and fight cybercriminals. A new sadistic cyberkiller appears on the internet and begins to gain notoriety through filming live streams of his crimes. The more views on his streams, the faster victims perish. Marsh and her team must track down the criminal before time runs out.

Unhinged (April 2)

Rachel is a single mother, and when she honks her horn at another driver in rush hour traffic, she quickly realizes it was a dangerous mistake. What seems like an extreme case of road rage turns vicious as the mysterious man begins following Rachel and her son and she discovers the psychopath’s plan for revenge.

Wander (April 16)

When a paranoid private eye is hired to investigate a mysterious death in the town of Wander, his troubled past has him convinced that the case is linked to the same conspiracy that caused the death of his own daughter years ago.

Without Remorse (April 30)

Based on the thriller novel by Tom Clancy, Without Remorse follows the story of former Navy SEAL John Kelly and how he came to change his identity to John Clark. After recently losing his pregnant wife in a car accident, Kelly meets a woman named Pam and ends up uncovering a plot that aims to bring an all-out war between the US and Russia. 

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