The Most Famous Christmas Mystery You’ve Never Read

    Find out how a little white lie turned into England's favorite holiday tale.

    "The Shepherd is quite a simple story: A young pilot, flying home Christmas Eve 1957, when he experiences a catastrophic electrical failure that knocks out all his equipment,” explains author Frederick Forsyth of this bestselling Christmas story, written in a single sitting on Christmas Eve. “The last line is the twist in the tale.”

    Although The Shepherd is rarely mentioned in the United States, it is one of the most beloved holiday traditions in England and Canada. Since 1979, a broadcast of the tale has been aired on CBC Radio One, and two adaptations have been performed in Britain within the last five years.

    Why—and for whom—did he write the inspirational novella? Take a look at the back story of this heartwarming tale, and then download the ebook. 

    Intrigued by the story behind the story?

    Download The Shepherd now. 

    The Shepherd

    By Frederick Forsyth

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