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Mysteries Abroad: 6 Japanese Crime Dramas to Binge Watch Tonight

Amidst breathtaking cherry blossoms and cutting-edge technology, Japan has its buried secrets...

japanese crime dramas
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So you've already binged all the British mystery shows streaming services have to offer. You've blown through the mysteries from Mexico, Ireland, New Zealand, Wales, Scotland, Germany, France, and all the Nordic countries combined. Now, what are you supposed to do?

Well, if you can't get enough of trying on different countries' crime dramas on for size, then it's time to check out Japan! Weaving in a complex culture with unique storylines, these shows are truly like nothing else you'll find on streaming. Political corruption? Desperate scammers? Mass kidnapping? Check, check, and check. Dive into these exciting Japanese crime dramas, available now on Netflix.


Based on the popular manga of the same name, Erased follows 29-year-old Satoru Fujinuma (Yûki Furukawa). After his mother is murdered, Satoru uses his ability to time travel in order to go back 18 years. Given a second chance, he sets out to not only prevent the death of his mother, but those of his three classmates.

The Journalist

In the midst of government corruption, journalist Anna Matsuda (Ryôko Yonekura) is determined to report the truth. But as political crimes and scandals increase, it seems she has some powerful enemies out to neutralize her writing. At only six-episode, this series is a quick watch, but as it premiered earlier this year, there may be more soon to come!

Million Yen Women

million yen women
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Five beautiful but enigmatic women arrive at a struggling authors house. Mysteriously invited, they move in with him and pay a monthly rent of one million yen. All of them are bound by strict rules—but who brought them together?

Re: Mind

re: mind
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11 Japanese school girls awaken one day to find themselves restrained in an unfamiliar dining room. Why are they there? Are their lives in danger? And how could they possibly escape?


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Seijitsu Kusano (Yôsuke Sugino) had everything lined up perfectly—a degree from a prestigious university and a job at huge financial company. But when that company goes broke, everything falls apart. Drowning in his own debts, things are only made worse when his father falls ill. Desperate for cash, he joins a phone scan operation and slips deeper and deeper into the seedy underworld.

The Forest of Love: Deep Cut

the forest of love: deep cut
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A charismatic con artist and a group of student filmmakers burrow into the lives of two young women with deep emotional scars. But the scammer calling the shot manipulates, seduces, and abuses them to extreme measures, getting them to fall in line, even when it comes down to murder.