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Get your international crime drama fix.

For U.S.-based Murder & Mayhem, international mystery movies & TV can come from anywhere as close as Mexico or as far as New Zealand. From big screen whodunnits to serial crime dramas, you get to pick how deep you want to wade into the intrigue. But why choose international hits? Every country has their own unique spin on the genre, including nuanced social issues, political tensions, legal intricacies, and what their heroes—and anti-heroes—embody.

While British mystery movies and shows tend to be the most popular international option, we make a point of celebrating the works of less-recognized countries in the television and film industry. We pop over right next door to England to get our fill of Scottish and Irish mysteries, trek up to explore the rising popularity of Nordic mysteries, and far beyond.

If you’re looking to expand your horizons, here are some great places to start:

And once you’re finished with those, browse the stories below for more great international movies and shows.


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