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Mysteries Abroad: 7 Australian Crime Dramas to Binge Watch Tonight

This list is a real beaut.

australian crime dramas
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So, we've shared plenty of British mystery shows with you. Delivered crime dramas from Canada, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Ireland, New Zealand, Wales, Scotland, Germany, France, and all the Nordic countries. What could possibly be left to cover?

Australian crime dramas, of course! Whether it's the political halls of the capital or the dusty outback, crime gets its hands dirty down under. From historical fare to supernatural intrigue, here are seven Australian crime dramas you can stream tonight on Acorn TV, Netflix, Peacock, and Amazon Freevee.

Mystery Road

Following the mysterious disappearance of two boys on an outback cattle station, Detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen) is assigned to the case. As he investigates alongside local cop Emma James (Judy Davis), he finds an injustice that goes even further back—an injustice that could unravel the whole community.

This series has two seasons and 12 episodes under its belt so far. Find it now on Acorn TV, and if you want even more of this juicy crime drama, check out its prequel series, Mystery Road: Origin.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Can't get enough of historical mysteries? This series is set in Melbourne during the Jazz Age. Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) is a glamorous detective armed with a pistol and more than a few male admirers. Her unmatched wit sees her squashing injustice everywhere she goes.

This series ran for three seasons and racked up 34 episodes—all of which are available now on Acorn TV!


A modern adaptation of Prisoner Cell Block H, this series updates the character's stories to remain relevant and emotionally gripping. Awaiting trial for the alleged attempted murder of her husband, Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) arrives at Wentworth Correctional Centre unaware of the cell politics. She and the viewers get a crash course in the lives and crimes of the inmates and staff, as well as the complexities of the prison system.

This show ran for nine seasons and consists of 100 episodes. You can binge it now on Netflix!

Secret City

As tensions rise between China and America, senior political journalist Harriet Dunkley (Anna Torv) discovers a secret city overflowing with conspiracies. With the lives of innocents on the line, she risks her life and career to expose the truth.

Watch this two-season, twelve-episode series on Netflix!


This short-lived series melds fantasy and crime drama. Ex-con Cal McTeer (Charlotte Best) returns to her hometown, the small fishing village of Orphelin Bay. When the body of a fisherman washes ashore, she sets out to unravel the secrets of the town, which include a generational conspiracy of drugs, murder, and Sirens.

You can binge all eight episodes on Netflix!

Dead Lucky

In this four-part miniseries, Sergeant Grace Gibbs (Rachel Griffiths) lost her junior officer in the line of duty. Her new trainee, Charlie Fung (Yoson An), was the junior officer's best friend. When the killer returns to Sydney, the pair set out to keep him from wreaking anymore havoc.

Watch it now on Peacock or AcornTV!


Cop Ted Conkaffey (Thomas Jane) is disgraced after being accused of a disturbing crime. Private investigator Amanda Pharrell (Nicole Chamoun) has her own criminal past. When Ted gets away to the wilds of Far North Queensland, Amanda drags him into her first real case—the disappearance of a Korean tech pioneer.

Based on Candice Fox's novel Crimson Lake, the show currently has one season consisting of eight episodes. Catch it on Amazon Freevee while you wait for season two to air in late 2023!