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Make Valentine's Day Thrilling With These Exciting Murder Mystery Escape Rooms

The couple that sleuths together, stays together.

Escape Rooms for Valentine's date
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  • Photo Credit: Zachary Keimig / Unsplash

We know. You forgot to make Valentine’s Day reservations and now every restaurant is booked. But have no fear, Murder & Mayhem is here. It can be tricky—especially in this age of the ongoing Covid pandemic—to find fun and safe date ideas. And the pressure! You want to find something fun and engaging, with some flexibility to maybe go in a group yet still feel close. But we have an enticing solution: an escape room!

You can go through the room as a couple—or bring a few friends to make it more casual. The rooms require you to work as a team, which is always a win on date-night. And they’re a guaranteed good time. Besides, what is more romantic than solving a murder together?

We’ve put together a list with 13 of the best murder mystery escape rooms in the country—with some virtual options in case you’re not quite ready to do indoor excursions. Put your thinking caps on and get ready for the best Valentine’s Day date ever. You’re welcome.

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The Millionaire Murder Escape by Times Up! — Cary, NC

Murder Mystery escape room
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  • Photo Credit: David von Diemar / Unsplash

After millionaire Freddrick Trummel is murdered, you’re invited to a dinner, where his last will and testament will be read. But there’s more than dinner cooking. The entire night is meant to discover who killed Freddrick. It shouldn’t be hard, considering everyone—including you—are guilty of committing felonious crimes against him. Combine the street smarts of four to eight people in order to solve the murder before the police arrive.

Undercover by Breakout KC — Kansas City, MO

Undercover by Breakout KC
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  • Photo Credit: Undercover by Breakout KC

The FBI needs you to go undercover and figure out who is behind the latest threat. If you fail, the financial system in the United States will collapse. A Jason Bourne style spy thriller, Undercover has multiple rooms, props, and immersive technology that will make you and your date feel like you were born to solve crime.

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The Sherlock Studies — Orlando, FL

The Sherlock Studies
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  • Photo Credit: The Sherlock Studies

You’ve been transported back to London, 1890, where Enoch Drebber’s dead body was found in an alley behind the Four-Leaf Clover Bar. Lady Ricoletti has been accused of the crime. While all the evidence points to her, you have doubts. Picking up where Sherlock Holmes stopped, you go to his study to find evidence proving her innocence. With only 75 minutes, patience and logic are the skills that will help you solve this murder mystery.

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Virtual Murder Mystery by Escapely

Virtual Murder Mystery
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  • Photo Credit: Escapely

There’s been a murder and you’ve been called to find the killer. Log on with five actors that you and your date can interrogate in private “rooms”. Asking the right questions unlocks access to view evidence like photos, videos, phone records, and more. You’ll need to figure out each suspect’s motive and alibi to figure out who is the murderer. Since this is virtual, you can play with as many couple’s as you’d like, all from the comfort—and safety—of your individual homes.

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The Retreat by Trapology — Boston, MA

Trapology Boston The Retreat
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  • Photo Credit: Trapology Boston

Camp Alive ‘n Well offers everything you need for relaxation and serenity: Well-furnished tents and no one around for miles. And the rumors that a few people went missing are probably exaggerated. But when creepy things start happening, figuring out what happened to them may be the only thing that helps you survive. It will take all your calm and composure to get out of these woods alive.

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The Man From Beyond – Houdini Séance — Houston, TX

The Man From Beyond Houdini Seance
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  • Photo Credit: Strange Bird Immersive

Madame Daphne has invited you to a private séance to speak with the spirit of the talented escape artist, Harry Houdini. But there’s another ghost lurking. And it has some demands. With a full cast of actors, interactive sets, and dynamic clues, you’ll have to use all of your resources to solve this mystery—in ninety minutes or less.

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Murder at Mystery Manor — Boise, ID

Murder at Mystery Manor
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  • Photo Credit: Escape Mystery Manor

An eccentric millionaire has died under sudden and mysterious circumstances. Now his heirs are gathering in a secluded mountain hotel to for the reading of the will. But one of the potential heirs is murdered. You and your date have one hour to find the clues and figure out who it is or risk becoming the next victim.

Black Noir Murder Escape — Virtual

Black Noir Mysery Escape virtual escape room
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  • Photo Credit: Black Noir Escape

You are Private Investigator Mr. Jones and gangsters are running rampant in New York City. A mysterious letter takes you to your first crime scene. It’s up to you to find the clues, track down witnesses, interrogate suspects, and ultimately, find the killer. Designed to be played anytime, you can either solve the mystery as a couple or invite more to play and compete. 

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Escape from the Whitechapel Club — Chicago, IL or Virtual

Escape from White Chapel
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  • Photo Credit: Outatime Games

Professor William Cluefinder is a famed Ripperologist. And he believes he’s just cracked the infamous Jack the Ripper case. He’s found the building the abandoned Whitechapel Club is in, and he’s positive it holds the truth about the Ripper’s identity. The only problem: the building is set to be demolished in an hour. You and your date have to sneak in and find the clues to stop the historical site from being demolished. This room is currently running as a virtual experience, although Outatime Games do have in-person rooms available.

Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express — Las Vegas, NV

Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express Escape Room
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  • Photo Credit: Escapology

You are Detective Hercule Poirot, world-renowned detective, and you’ve just solved the murder. Except one of the passengers has decided they don’t want to live with the trauma of the experience and have cut the brakes on the train. You’ve narrowed your suspects down to six passengers. But you only have sixty minutes to solve the clues, find the potential killer, and repair the brake lines to save everyone on board.

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Murder Mystery by Paranoia Quest — Atlanta, GA

Murder Mystery by Paranoia Quest
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  • Photo Credit: Paranoia Quest

Thanks to a new, state-of-the-art invention, the impossible is possible. Anyone can enter the Dreamscape of another person. Out of a pool of numerous test subjects, you’ve been chosen to enter the Dreamscape of a victim to find out who murdered them. You have sixty minutes to discovery the victim’s identity, the date they died, and who killed them—or you’ll be stuck in their Dreamscape forever. 

Clue Dunnit? at Clue Room — Denver, CO

Clue Dunnit at Clue Room
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  • Photo Credit: The Clue Room

Reginald Mortas has invited you to his mysterious mansion. He promises an unusual night filled with celebration and competition. He doesn’t mention the murder until it’s too late. Now you have to find the killer. If you’re successful, you’ll walk away generously rewarded. If you’re not, you’ll spend the rest of your life in prison. This challenging room can be played with two people, but you’ll need to work together and stay focused to solve the crime in less than an hour.

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Chamber of Horrors — Philadelphia, PA

Chamber of Horrors Gotham Escape Room
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  • Photo Credit: Gotham Escape Room

You work for the FBI, and your expertise is in dangerous and difficult cases. You’ve been investigating a serial killer—and the clues have led you to their lair. Everything you need to identify the killer and stop them is there. But the killer is on the way. You have an hour to get enough evidence to convict them. And if you’re still there when the killer arrives, you won’t make it out alive.

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